The best office furnishing tips

Die besten Büroeinrichtungs-Tipps von Octavus Office & Service

Well-thought-out office interiors can make the difference between a boring work environment and an inspiring workplace. With the right workplace design measures, ergonomics, comfort and productivity can be significantly increased. Here are some practical tips on how to optimally set up your office.

Ergonomics: The key to a healthy workplace

Ergonomics is a central aspect of office furnishings. An ergonomically designed workplace can prevent back problems and other health problems.

Ergonomic tips

  1. Proper office chair
    Invest in a high-quality, ergonomic office chair that provides optimal back support and promotes natural posture.
  2. Adjust monitor height
    Ensure the monitor is at eye level to avoid neck and shoulder strain. An adjustable monitor stand can be helpful here.
  3. Keyboard and Mouse
    Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to minimize wrist strain. A wrist rest can provide additional comfort.

Comfort: feeling good at work

Comfort is crucial for well-being and satisfaction at work. With a few simple adjustments, comfort can be greatly improved.

Comfortable tips

  1. Comfortable seating options
    Complete the work area with comfortable seating for breaks or informal meetings. A comfortable armchair or couch can work wonders.
  2. Lighting
    Ensure there is enough natural light and supplement it with pleasant, indirect lighting. Avoid bright light sources that cause eye strain.
  3. Temperature and air quality
    Make sure the room temperature is comfortable and the air quality is good. Plants can improve the indoor climate and at the same time create a relaxed atmosphere.

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Productivity: Promote efficient work

Thoughtful workplace design can increase productivity and improve the efficiency of your work processes.

Productivity tips

  1. Order and organization
    Keep your workspace neat and organized. Use filing systems and storage solutions to keep documents and work materials within easy reach.
  2. Flexible workspace
    Design the workplace flexibly to support different work styles. A height-adjustable desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing.
  3. Inspiring environment
    Decorate the workspace with inspirational elements such as pictures, plants or motivational quotes. A comfortable environment can promote creativity and motivation.
Die besten Büroeinrichtungs-Tipps von Octavus Office & Service
Die besten Büroeinrichtungs-Tipps
Die besten Büroeinrichtungs-Tipps von Octavus Office & Service


Office furnishings play a crucial role in workplace health, comfort and productivity. Ergonomic measures can prevent health problems, while comfort and well-thought-out workplace design increase well-being and efficiency. With the right office furnishing tips, you can create a work environment in which employees feel comfortable and can develop their full potential.

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